Muncie Dragway Heads UP Series NO PREP Shootout

Muncie Dragway Heads UP Series NO PREP Shootout

April 25, 2016
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June 12, 2016 @ 9:00 am
Muncie Dragway
7901 IN-28
Albany, IN 47320
Muncie Dragway Heads UP Racing Series

DATE: (Sunday) June 12, 2016

TIME: 9:00AM

LOCATION: Muncie Dragway – 7901 E State Road 28-67, Albany, Indiana 47320


There will be TnT and grudge racing all day along with the classes listed below.

Muncie Dragway No Prep Race General Rules for 2016

This is an unprepped race, the track will not be touched up unless a oil down or wreck occurs
Racers will get 1-2 test hits before eliminations start
No track prepping or burnout beyond the starting line (cars may not pass the starting line during or after the burnout for any reason)
Burnouts may only be done in traction compound (not water)
Burnouts must start in the marked area just in front of the burnout box. Burnouts maybe carried out of the box as long as the car doesn’t pass the starting line
Puddling of traction compound may be done in the designated area only. Spraying of traction compound may be done from the burnout box to the starting line.
Callouts are allowed in the 1st rd only
Pairing will be done randomly by hat draw each rd (except for callouts agreed on in the 1st rd)
All races will use an AUTO START instant green (NO ambers), with the track win lights determining the winner.
We will be using a “2-bulb” green with a ****5 second auto timeout****. Once both racers are pre-staged, the first racer to fully stage starts the clock. The last racer to fully stage has 5 seconds to do so before an automatic red light. Green light will be at random and fully automatic.
Deep staging is allow
Courtesy staging is NOT required
A bye run will be given to the racer who does not pull a matching chip out during the hat draw. You do NOT have to make a pass as the bye
If a racer crosses the center line it will result in a DQ. If both racers cross the first to do so will be DQ’d


Outlaw Rules $200 Buy In
Any Tire & Any Chassis
Run what ya brung

Big Tire Rules $100 Buy In
Stock Suspension or Back Half cars (No tube chassis cars)
W or larger tire / 315 Radial
No Wheelie bars

Small Tire Class Rules – $150 Buy In
Stock Suspension or Back Half cars (No tube chassis cars)
No tire bigger than 29.5 x 10.5 non W
No Wheelie bars

True Street Rules $100 Buy In
Stock Suspension Only (bolt on parts allowed)
M/T 275 Radial (Pro’s Ok) / DOT slick 29.5 x 11.5 or smaller
No Wheelie bars
Must have license and Insurance
Lexan only allowed in back windows of trucks
Must complete 20-30 mile cruise
Stock firewall


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      Hi Jason, they might have changed it after we copied it from there. We don’t repeatedly check each event as it’s put in, it’s to hard to keep up with so many. It is up to the event host to let us know to update our end. Thanks for letting us know.

      – CTM TONY

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