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10:00 pm Cruisin Frankfort by Frankfort Car Club
Cruisin Frankfort by Frankfort Car Club
Mar 2 @ 10:00 pm – Mar 3 @ 2:00 am
Cruisin Frankfort by Frankfort Car Club @ Frankfort | Illinois | United States
Cruisin Frankfort by Frankfort Car Club When: Every Thursday Where: 15 Kansas Street Frankfort, IL Time:  5-9 PM, big raffle drawing at 7:30 each week Presented By: Frankfort Car Club Facebook Group Link: CLICK HERE Cruisin’ Frankfort 2013 IMPORTANT CHANGES FOR 2013 SEASON As you know, Cruisin Frankfort is a popular event each Thursday in summer- sometimes so popular it’s hard to find a parking spot. Our last Cruise of 2011 was that kind of night with cars parked everywhere, and a number of attendees parked their cars in illegal spots that made access to the residences at the west end of Elwood Street impossible. While the Frankfort Police Department was exceptionally cooperative with no tickets issued or even cars asked to move, it was obvious that this was an unsafe condition as an ambulance or fire equipment would not have been able reach the homes in that area. For 2012, the village and the FCC have revised the parking restrictions as shown below. The yellow areas are reserved for cruise night cars. (also see updates below). The red areas are no parking zones, and will posted as such. New no parking areas are the north side of Elwood Street, and all of Elwood west of Smith St. The orange area is the paved parking lot of the Grainery, which has 5 businesses that operate during the Cruise hours; this parking lot is reserved for customers of those businesses. The blue areas are municipal public parking lots (also see updates below); if you arrive in your non collector car to participate as a spectator, these areas are where you can park. Streets not colored are non-designated public parking, but be mindful of driveways or any posted restrictions which may exist. Cars illegally parked are subject to ticketing. We ask for your cooperation and understanding with these changes so we can continue to host Crusin’ Frankfort in a safe and welcome manor. MAY 24TH UPDATE The new spectator lot is now finished and open for use.  Remember this new lot is for spectator & vistitor parking. The Prarie Park lot, shown in blue on top right  of the above map, is a now an additional lot reserved for collector car parking on Cruise nights.     Vintage Trabant checks out the new spectator/visitor lot that is on the site of the former Fox lumber facility. It is immeadiately north of the Trolley Barn building. FCC thanks the Village of Frankfort for it’s continuing support of Cruisin’ Frankfort! 2013 Schedule Featuring May 16th- All Cars – Cruisin’ Kick off May 23rd- Chrysler, Dodge, & Viper May 30th- Mustangs June 6th- Street Rods, Customs, Lead Sleds June 13th- Buick, Cadillac June 20th- Corvettes June 27th -Trucks and Car based Pickups July 4th- no cruise this week, enjoy Independence day! July 11th- Race Cars July 18th – Vintage Scooters & Motorcycles (25 yrs. & older) July 25th – Fords, including T-Birds, Lincolns Aug. 1st – Chevrolet Aug. 8th- Pre-war, Stock 1900-1942 Vehicles Aug. 15th- Orphan Makes including Olds, Plymouth, Pontiac and Mercury Aug. 22nd- Rear Engine, Mid Engine, & Import Cars Aug. 29th- no cruise, enjoy Frankfort Fall Festival Sept.5th- Survivors (original unrestored) Sept 12th- Cruise night Finale 5-9 PM, big raffle drawing at 7:30 each week A note to our participants Cruisin’ Frankfort is a family event and is organized as such. Loud car stereos, burn outs, RPM demonstrations, and open exhaust are not tolerated here. Village ordinance forbids public consumption of alcohol. Sorry, spaces are first come/first parked!