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5:00 pm Ultimate Cruising Event @ Countryside Plaza
Ultimate Cruising Event @ Countryside Plaza
Feb 19 @ 5:00 pm
Ultimate Cruising Event @ Countryside Plaza | Countryside | Illinois | United States
Share Old Memories. Valid Monday Nights from 5:00 until dark at the Home Depot Parking lot in Countryside Plaza Make New Friends. $1.00 per ticket $6.00 for 5 tickets Fun items and coupons given out each night! Final draw pulls 50% of the proceeds for the night! Money donated to various charities Monday Nights – 5:00 until dark Countryside Plaza Find people who share your ethusiasm for anything with cylinders Listen to some classic music from the 50’s thru the 80’s Participate in Raffles and help out various charities 1930’s Graham 1960’s Chrysler 300 1960’s Nash Metropolitan ALL ENTHUSIASTS ARE WELCOME! As long as they practice proper cruise night etiquite! 8 Lug Wheels on a 1960’s Pontiac ALL CYLINDERS CAR CLUB Visit our website and join our facebook group All Cylinders Car Club